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Surface Treatment and Metallic Coatings

Professional Satin, Aluminum, Copper, Chromium, Nickel plating.



Since 1982...

Özturk Nikelaj was established in Konya in 1982. It provides services in nickel plating, chrome plating and polishing sector. We combine our experienced and experienced employees with confident steps in the sector. We have the highest level of customer satisfaction by using the best facilities and experienced staffs in Alanya. Trying to keep it.

Özturk Nikelaj, which has renewed itself with its continuous improvement and its quality, serves a wide range of fields in the sector. We are always at your side with our employees who are in this way by adopting the principle of quality and customer satisfaction. In our services that we offer to our customers, we adopt fast, quality, clean and innovative service based on customer satisfaction.

Our mission is to carry out our rise in the sector with the quality and trust that we have not given the brand and always keep the satisfaction of our customers in the foreground.

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Satin Plating


Aluminium Plating

Satin - Nickel - Chrome

Copper Plating


Chrome Plating

Nickel Plating


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